Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Just relax, it will happen"

If I hear that one more time I am going to scream!!

This is such a difficult time for us, we have no idea when we are going to become parents--it is completely out of our control. We cannot plan for our trip because we don't know when we are going. The thing I don't understand is why didn't they tell us this? I can post all the emails that I have received from the agency telling me that we need to plan on that date and arrange our transportation and boarding, then I get an email that says to wait until a week before the confirmed visa appointment to book your flight. I don't know where la la land is, but they are living there. You cannot purchase all of that in one week and still pay your mortgage, and I looked into tickets one week out and two weeks out and there were none!!
Also, I am upset that the embassy has changed the appointment frequency for visas. When the American adoptions in Ethiopia are skyrocketing, our genius officials decide to decrease the frequency and amount of heard cases--WHY??? Also, I feel like I am held under a code--a code that says don't speak up or you will be punished. I live in fear that if we say anything negative we will be derailed in some way. I just want my daughter.


Sherry said...

I know, I am right there with ya! I spoke to Sharon about it yesterday and I tried to be nice when really I was screaming inside. I am also afraid to say anything in fear that we will be kicked to the back of the line. Call me if you need vent! :) We are looking forward to meeting you guys!

Stephanie said...

I know, so frustrating! I know all of this won't matter once we are home, but right now it stinks!

Laura HC said...

Scream all you want, sweetie. Hit a pillow named after the least favorite contact!! Hit it and hit it again!
Go for a run.
Here's another idea: go for a cleansing swim. What's that? you ask.
Ok,go to a warm pool or body of water, express a wish (or good thought or pray if so inclined) and then slowly go under the water until all of you is covered - fetal position is good. Repeat the process - including the thought/prayer/wish.) Three times should do it. Remember, move slowly, deliberately, control your breathing your movement. Don't go under until you are ready to relax as you go down.

Warm, soothing water really helps your mind clear, your anxiety to get under control.

Baby girl, you are one powerful woman and awesome mother.

Wish I could make it happen for you.

lots of love,
Aunt Laura