Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Power of Music

Today's letter is from your dad. I don't know what all you will get from me, I hope for sure that you will get some dry humor and a love of books. I do know one thing you will get and that is the love of music. I took your mom to a concert last night that is one of my favorite events of the year - Tropical Heatwave from WMNF the best radio station ever! I look forward to it for months and plan my time to see each band I want to see meticulously. Last night though, one band played for you. A young band from Uganda (Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa) played the most amazing music on strange and beautiful handmade instruments. They captivated the audience including your mommy and me and took us far far from here to the continent that you sleep on. I hope that when they travel home they will carry a song to you and it will help you rest. Those songs are in my head with your adorable face. Those large eyes of yours we saw in the girls at the Ethiopian restaurant's booth that we ate at last night. Everything reminds us of you. I can't wait to take you to concerts and play songs for you like I do for your mommy. That will be my gift for you as it has been from my family to me.


Jmac said...

Can't wait to meet you one of these days. You already remind me so much of my own husband (Josh) based on what you say and what Amy has told me about you.
Hope you two have excellent news looming ahead soon--praying for it!!!

Laura HC said...

Dear Charlie,

Your heart is as sweet as ever! I am so proud of the loving man you have become. Your Ella and Amy will always be blessed by having you with them. (of course it is reciprocal). I can't wait for that little one to cross your door and enter your home for it will be her home.

love, always,
Aunt Laura